WP Master Clone Review & Bonuses

Here’s the demo of WP Master Clone software
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WP Master Clone is a software that helps you clone your WordPress site on auto-pilot.
You can literally start the software, go make yourself a cup of tea and come back to a ready to use cloned site.

Just enter your DB + FTP details source site URL, admin login + admin password and the same info for destination site (in Easy Clone mode).
Here’s what it looks like:

WP Master Clone screenshot

Advanced Clone Mode allows you to skip files larger than X MB, specify max memory limit / max execution time etc. You wouldn’t normally worry about these unless your site is hosted on a server with very limited server resources. This Advanced Clone Mode allows you to slow down the process of cloning so the server can handle it.

 OTO (One Time Offer) aka Optional Upgrade

There’s an optional upgrade to the WP Master Clone Pro version which allows you to install WordPress from scratch on a blank domain. It can also be used to copy large sites (100s of MB+).
Here’s the screenshot:

WP Master Clone Pro - Install WordPress

 Bonuses: 12 Top Quality WordPress Plugins

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You have to purchase WP Master Clone from my link in order to qualify for the bonuses.

Get your copy of WP Master Clone here:

=> http://www.pluginsbyigor.com/wpmasterclone

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 Wrap Up

WP Master Clone

WP Master Clone








        • - Saves time when creating new sites.
        • - Easy to use - no C-Panel login, no PHP scripts, no WP admin, no installing plugins.
        • - Can clones websites in the background.


        • - Only works on Windows (can work on Mac with Parallels).
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        • Hey Igor looks a spectacular program for cloning WordPress sites. Have some other plugins attempting to do the same not particularly good though. I guess you being a programmer would know the good from the bad and the ugly when it comes to cloning WordPress. Certainly worth the option to clone and re-install without going through the data base connection routine. Looks good!

          Richard Dacker 8 years ago Reply

          • Hey Richard,
            yeah WP Master Clone really gets the job done.
            I’m really excited about this software and I know for sure I’ll be using it a lot 🙂

            Igor 8 years ago Reply

        • Really cool

          Chris 8 years ago Reply

          • Yeah, it’s a really helpful piece of software 🙂

            Igor 8 years ago Reply

        • Igor, you’re a star. Thanks for taking the time answering my questions regarding this product. I had a response within few minutes…
          you are the first one to answer this. I’ve contacted few other affiliates last night, who were promoting this, but still didn’t get any reply. So I really appreciate your help and thanks for looking after your subscribers.
          Have a great day

          kami ilmane 8 years ago Reply

          • Thanks Kami, I’m glad I could help 🙂

            Igor 8 years ago Reply

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