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Today I want to share with you a couple of neat tricks that can help you save some time.

1. Very often Amazon affiliates need to find the product ASIN.
ASIN – stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. In other words it’s a unique product id.

Many WordPress plugins and themes will ask you for this product ASIN in order to generate a review page or to do some other useful stuff.

Manually you would open a product page on Amazon site. Then you would look for it in the url. You would have to go through all this garbage and sometimes links will look completely different. At the end you may end up copying the wrong stuff.

Here’s a quick solution how to extract ASINs with just one click.
We are going to use so called Bookmarklets for this.

Bookmarklets are ‘smart bookmarks’, that perform actions or enhance the website you’re visiting with a single click.
They are usually located right below the address bar in your browser.
If you don’t have it, you may need to enable it (Chrome: Settings button on top right -> Bookmarks -> Show bookmarks bar; Firefox: Firefox button on top left corner -> Options -> Bookmarks Toolbar).

To add the bookmarklet simply drag the link below and drop it in your bookmarks bar.

Amazon ASIN

Now go to any product page on Amazon and click Amazon ASIN bookmarklet. You should see a pop up with the product ASIN.
Pretty neat huh? 🙂

2. Another cool bookmarklet I want to share with you is for generating your affiliate link with one click.
In the form below enter your Amazon associate tag (also known as Amazon tracking ID) and hit the button.

Now go again to any Amazon product page and click this new bookmarklet.
You should see your affiliate link with your affiliate tag in it.
You can copy the link and use it on your site right away.

Bonus Tip:
There’s a page in the Amazon affiliates section that let’s you check if the links are OK.
This tool is located here.

Enjoy! 🙂


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  • Hi Igor

    Seasons greatings

    Thanks for this it’s so cool and an absolute time saver. Just today whilst updating my site some ASIN No Could not be found but this trick did it – Awesome.

    So thanks for sharing this with us.

    More tips like this would be more than welcome. Do you know any tricks to get visitors to click the links through to Amazon?

    Best regards


    larry french 9 years ago

  • As usual, beautiful work.


    Thanks Igor for a very useful tip. 9 years ago

  • hi There Igor

    Although I am not a big Amazon affiliate – I thought both of these bookmark lets were brilliant – never have come across them before

    Thanks for a great find !

    Hamant 9 years ago

  • Awesome post Igor. I really want to ramp up my Amazon commissions for 2014 and these tools will come in handy. Time is money and you just saved a bunch of time for me. Thanks

    Samuel Heins 9 years ago

  • Absolute God send. Thanks, Working on a new site right now and probably will need them for some of amazon products

    Loretta 9 years ago

  • Great tip, Igor, I can never seem to find the ASIN! Thank you!

    Lynne 9 years ago

  • These are very useful tools. You really are the go to guy for technical stuff to help us as Amazon affiliates. Thank you!

    Donna 9 years ago

  • Hi Igor,

    thanks a lot for this useful tips. I will add them right away to my Amazon resources page.

    Best wishes from Germany

    Galahad 9 years ago

  • Many thanks for this Igor, excellent, will definately help me!

    Julia 9 years ago

  • excellent tool .. thank you very much

    carlos 9 years ago

  • Thanks, very useful. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Ted 9 years ago

  • Very nice, time savers always good to know



    Kobi 9 years ago

  • Thanks for generously sharing these great tips, Igor!!! 🙂

    Julie Larson 9 years ago

  • Igor,
    Thanks for a great gift. I have been using this since the day you gave it to me and it has saved me hours! I have quite a few Amazon sites and these have been terrific. Easy to use and works just like you said they would. Thanks again.

    Guy 9 years ago

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