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What Is Reddule?

Reddule is a software + training combo that will help you generate tons of FREE traffic to your sites from the #1 most overlooked traffic source – Reddit.

Part 1: Reddule Traffic Training

Inside this 9 module HD video and audio program you’ll learn our biggest secrets to crushing it on Reddit in a detailed, step-by-step blueprint.

Here are just some of the topics covered:

  • How to sell on Reddit by setting up a proper funnel
  • Find the easiest subreddits for big traffic
  • How to “Go Viral” on Reddit with Video
  • Avoid the “Spam Trap”
  • Reddit PPC (optional but very powerful!)
  • Automated Traffic Tricks

Part 2: Reddule Cloud Software

Automate most of your Reddit marketing and enjoy passive traffic and sales in any niche while fully being in compliance with Reddit’s API.

  • Find and schedule relevant viral videos
  • Schedule posts and links to specific subreddits
  • Reddit keyword alerts and email notifications to drive traffic
  • Know exactly when to post for the most traffic
  • Add and manage multiple reddit accounts
  • Reddule Browser Extension for doing things with 1 click
Sneak Peek Into Training

Here’s a screenshot of what the training dashboard looks like.

Software Full Of Awesome Features

Reddit Keyword Alerts and Email Notifications to Drive Traffic

Have Reddule comb through threads and comments on multiple subreddits for any keyword and notify you via email when that keyword is posted. You can instantly reply to the thread/comment with a link to your content for quick pockets of traffic.

Know Exactly When to Post for the Most Traffic

Enter any subreddit and Reddule will instantly tell you the times and days of the week you need to post in it for most traffic with less work possible. Expert Reddit users know each subreddit has a specific time most of its users come online so you need to be posting then for results.

Schedule Posts and Links to Specific Subreddits

Build scheduling lists of text posts, link posts, or video posts to any subreddit you want and get email reminders when it’s time to post (only software on the market that can do this!)

Find and Schedule Relevant Viral Videos

Combine the power of viral video and the world’s most viral network! Search YouTube or Facebook for relevant videos to post to any subreddit you wish. Use this to build up your Reddit ‘Karma’, drive traffic, and more.

Let Reddule Tell You What’s Driving Traffic

Create an archive using the Reddule Chrome browser extension of popular subreddits, posts, comments, users, and more. Always have a fresh list of proven, viral content to post on a regular basis.

Build and Track Comment Karma and Post Karma

Make sure your Reddit “Karma” is high at all times so your scheduled posts and videos are guaranteed to get tons views and avoid getting down-voted..

Add Multiple Reddit Accounts and Commerical License

Perfect for niche marketing in many different niches and essential for agencies who want to create and manage Reddit accounts for clients.

Research Hot Subreddits

Not sure what subreddit to be tracking, analyzing, and posting to? Use the Reddule “Research” tab to find the most relevant and unsaturated subreddits in your niche.

Reddule Browser Extension

In just one click, send back proven post ideas that have gone viral on Reddit back to Reddule for you to model and never run out of content ideas.

Bonuses: 12 WordPress Plugins
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Note: These bonuses are delivered inside JVZoo area. Go to My Purchases, find Reddule, click View Details and on the bottom look for a button that says “Bonuses From Igor” ( See a screenshot )

You have to purchase Reddule from my link in order to qualify for the bonuses.

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