Explaindio Player Review & Bonuses

Here’s the demo of Explaindio Player and why you need it:

Launch Date & Time
Explaindio Player Goes Live On Wednesday, Sep 19th @ 11 am ET (New York Time)
What Is Explaindio Player?

Explaindio Player is a cloud-based player that allows you to take full control of videos on your site.
Plus, it gives you an option to profit from videos by adding your affiliate links right inside them.

Here’s just a small list of its features:

  • Works with YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, MP4 or S3 videos.
  • Autoplay Feature with 1 Click (even in Chrome).
  • Add buttons and affiliate links inside any video.
  • Automatically Detect Mobile or Desktop (you can even use different videos for both)
  • Display Custom HTML At a Certain Time (like opt-in form)
  • Stop YouTube from stealing your traffic by not letting it show related videos on pause/stop
  • Plus, many more money-making features
Packed With Awesome Features

Works With Videos Streamed from Amazon S3, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo & Private Servers

On top of all that, it has all the great features that top commercial video players have.

While playing a video from facebook, youtube, and vimeo is great and free, some marketers prefer independence and want to fully control their videos by hosting MP4 video files on their own web host or cloud service like Amazon S3.

If you are one of them, ExplaindioPlayer got you covered too, so you can use those revolutionary mobile features like playing horizontal and vertical videos with the same player, playing GIFs instead of short videos on mobile, and others as well.

Auto-Plays Muted YouTube Videos With Enable Sound Button

Chrome, Safari, and soon more browsers no longer auto-play embed YouTube videos with audio.

Videos just sit there stopped, waiting for the viewer to click.

This creates a big problem for sellers because without auto-play, engagement and sales could fall significantly.

ExplaindioPlayer allows you to auto-play videos from YouTube and it adds an “Click for sound” icon for the user to enable sound.

PLUS after click on “Click for sound” it starts playing video with sound from the start so the viewer will not lose the beginning of the video.

You Are 1 Click Away From Losing a Sale Or a Lead After Sept 25th YouTube Change (fixed by ExplaindioPlayer)

From Youtube announcement: ”The effect of the change is that you will not be able to disable related videos.”

It other words, when the viewer pauses a video the related videos will appear not matter what. From Sept 25th it would no longer be possible to disable that.

So after Sept 25th the viewer will be just 1 click away from leaving your sales or lead pages to watch another youtube video, which means that you are 1 click away from losing a sale or a lead.

The ExplaindioPlayer fixes that problem by allowing you to place an image or animated GIF on top of video while the video is paused.

Customize Your Viewer’s Entire Experience

As a video marketer, your videos are designed to share a service, sell a product, or get leads, Explaindo Player helps you maintain a professional, controlled environment to maximize your goals, giving you the ultimate control over your viewers.

And that control will help you close more deals, get more clients, get more leads, and ultimately, make you more money.

Takes Advantage Of Video Watching Habit Shift On Mobile

This new habit is the rise of vertical video watching on mobile.

Industry research says that mobile phones are kept in portrait mode 98% of the time.

Brings Advanced Premium Features

ExplaindioPlayer gives you all the premium features pro video marketers use to boost viral traffic, lead generation, conversion, and sales even more.

Those include advanced social sharing options, timed content below a video, timed clickable call to action, watermark and custom video thumbnail.

While videos played from Facebook already include their social sharing options, you still want to give a viewer a chance to share on other major social networks, and share on Facebook videos not played from it.

ExplaindioPlayer social sharing options allow viewers to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkendIn, Google+ and post comments for YouTube video to maximize viral potential.

Bonuses: 12 WordPress Plugins
Bonus #1Bonus #2Bonus #3Bonus #4Bonus #5Bonus #6Bonus #7Bonus #8Bonus #9Bonus #10Bonus #11Bonus #12

Note: These bonuses are delivered inside JVZoo area. Go to My Purchases, find ExplaindioPlayer, click View Details and on the bottom look for a button that says “Bonuses From Igor” ( See a screenshot )

You have to purchase ExplaindioPlayer from my link in order to qualify for the bonuses.

Launch Date & Time
Explaindio Player Goes Live On Wednesday, Sep 19th @ 11 am ET (New York Time)
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